Wednesday, September 11, 2013

9 Months...Milestones, Milestones!

In the last month we now have a talker, a waver a stander and a walker (ok, stepper)!!

Yes, Ms. Evelyn's first word was Mama.  Yes, it was usually accompanied by a cry and her pitifully saying Maaaaaamamamama, Mamamaaamaaaaa- but I will take it! I am convinced that she is calling for me as she doesn't do it all the time.  Sometimes she will say Babababababa- or just a firm BA and we are thinking that means Bottle.  We are also convinced (ok I am convinced) that she is also saying pup, hi and up.  We will update more on that next month to see if that is still happening :)  

She also started waving hi- this is usually accompanied by saying 'hi' in a high pitched voice.  If you say 'bye' and wave, she looks at you as if you have 4 heads, we are working on this!  

Evie has also been periodically standing alone for longer periods of time before she grabs onto her toy or whatever she is standing near.  I would say she can stand for almost a minute without grabbing on now.  


A few days ago she took her first steps.  At first it was one, then a while later one more.  THEN she took 4!!!  We got it on camera!  Nana was at the house, so she captured the magic moment as usual!  Still crawling everywhere, but will take steps when coaxed.  So as of right now would say we have a 'stepper'!

Eve's also had her 9 month appointment on Monday.  The little stink is 20 lbs 7 oz (67%), and 28.6 inches (78%) and has a melon that is in the 100%!!  

She is still as busy as ever and loves to be in everything.  She is becoming so much more interactive with the dogs, and loves climbing over Feather.  Brooks still likes Evie on his own terms.  He is in for even more when she begins using walking as her preferred mode of transportation- poor guy will be living in the comfort of the master closet soon (that's his safe spot).  

She is still a great eater, and we are working on more solids.  Silly girl loves her purees and Cheerios.  She will eat the crust of toast, and loves steak and pork.  We are working on chicken and turkey, but she is for sure her Papa's daughter.  Loves her meat.  

Sleeping is going well.  Of course about a week after her first tooth, the second bottom one came in.  It disrupted things a little, but has gone back to waking once or not at all during the night.  Thankfully she usually needs a nook replacement a pat on the back or a quick rock to go back to sleep- I think we are out of the night feedings until her next growth spurt.  Thankfully my milk stock is still in good supply!

Not only do we think she is funny, but she thinks she is funny, too.  She loves to laugh- and has also mastered her fake laugh.  If someone else is laughing, she wants to join in.  She loves to give raspberries and will mimic faces and noises.  Better start being careful!

We were doing some renovations in the house and got the tub working on the main level (sister and I were renovating the master bathroom that is tied to the hallway tub and finally got a plumber out to fix all the issues, currently we use the shower downstairs).  We thought Evie would like a 'big girl bath' as we have been bathing her in the infant tub in the kitchen sink until now.  Boy were J and I wrong.  We tried three days in a row.  Poor girl had a major meltdown all three times- so much so she would cry if you brought her into the bathroom and she saw the tub- we had to pull the shower curtain to hide the tub.  SO we are going to give it a break for a few weeks and slowly reintroduce it.  She won't want to bath in the infant tub when she is in kindergarten...right?

Speaking of the renovations, we have had a disgusting master bathroom since the day we moved it.  We tried to paint and clean, just didn't work.  Our solution was to close the door and use the hallway bathroom until we decided we had saved enough pennies and had the time to do a major DIY project.  Since our first floor is pretty much completely done (just a few minor things here and there), my sister said she would come home from Maryland for the week to renovate.  She designs kitchens and bathrooms so we used her expertise and skills to get to work.  J and his brother did the demo.  All of the floor tile was above about 2.5 inches of cement.  Not only did we have to demo the tile but all of the subfloor as well.  Alyssa and I layed new subfloor, some places needed to be built up a bit.  Then we put in the backer board- and we decided to do a shower pan and tile the walls of the shower.  After a few mishaps the floor is done and the shower is almost done- which was the goal of the trip, I can do the rest at a slower pace to finish, pics to come!  All I can say is thanks to YouTube and a generous friend from work who lent us his wet saw!  

OK- back to the babe....

Our Month in Pictures:


Early Mornings in her Big Girl Super Hero Jammies! Note: Feather is not far!

 Standing and trying to take steps...find the pup...
Being fancy driving in her car

 Reading and missing Papa on his work trip

 Chatting and Eating

 Bath time and more big girl jammies!

 Practicing her waving while swinging

Waving and swinging at the park. 

 Smooches to her pretend pup

With Nana and the State Fair (much too hot to wear a flower)!

Loved Corn Dogs 
(again Papa's Daughter- eww corn dogs!)
(Dont worry we didn't let her bite it off, we know hot dogs are dangerous!  Gave her little bits!)

Another early morning.  This time with Auntie Lyssa

Loving the Olive Garden with Nana and Auntie Lyssa

Mama trying to run :)

Out Cold...

Being a little stink...

With all of the joy that this little bug brings we also had some sadness this month.  We lost Grandma Marie (my dad's mother).  She lead a long and beautiful life of 90 years.  We said goodbye to her this past weekend with a nice service in Wisconsin.  Events like these remind you to count your blessings and soak in every day as if it were your last.  It also reminds you that family is the first and foremost and make your hugs a little bit tighter and a little bit longer.

I hope all is well with each of you and your families- hoping summer lasts just a little bit longer!!!