Tuesday, February 22, 2011

We are back!!!

We are finally home from our wonderful honeymoon in Florida, and couldn't be happier!
Thank you to all who were a part of our magical wedding day.  John and I were so excited to finally be married, and the ceremony, dinner and reception were far more than we could have ever expected.  We are so thankful for the friends and family who came to support us!  Really, John and I talked endlessly on vacation about how wonderful the day was and how EVERYTHING was perfect!  Kiki had a HUGE part in that...thanks mom!
We were so thankful to have a relaxing and fun vacation...but we missed our puppies!!  Good thing they were well taken care of by sister!
We spent a week on the 'Resort at Little Harbor' in Ruskin, Florida.  It felt as if it was in the middle of nowhere, but if you know John and I, it was perfect!  For the first 6 days we were the youngest on the resort by 15-20 years...again if you know John and I, it was perfect!  We sat in the sun, drank cocktails and ate fabulous deserts and dinners.  We were even able to visit the Robert's in Tampa for a celebratory dinner!
We were to return to Minnesota on Sunday the 20th, but with the snow storm, we attempted to reschedule our flights, but according to the airlines, the flight wasn't cancelled...yet so there was really nothing they could do without charging us.  We flew to Milwaukee...the flight to Minneapolis from Milwaukee was cancelled as we were in flight!  We were able to get a hotel room, and then rent a car and drive home in the morning.  While we were finishing up the paperwork for the car, a couple called in and was also needing to get to Minneapolis.  We decided we would pick them up and let them ride with us.  We get to their hotel to pick them up, and when they walked out John yells, "The Becker's!!"  This meant nothing to me at first, but John grew up playing hockey with their son!  It was a good trip back to Minnesota, and we had good company!
Driving in!

Wonderful Nights!

Manatees in our Harbor!

View from our Balcony
So, now that we are back at home and back to work, we are busy putting away all of the wonderfully generous wedding gifts!  There is still laundry to do, and things to put away, but we are so happy we are so loved and can begin our lives as Husband and Wife!

Sunset from our Balcony!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

It's almost time!...5 days!

We are so excited to be married!  We only have a few more days single,  and are more than ready to enter the world of marriage.
John is healing well from the his Christmas Eve emergency surgery to fuse two vertebrae in his neck.  He still has to wear the neck brace for 6 more weeks, but he is fine with that knowing it is helping him heal.  He is able to take off the brace for most of our wedding day!!  He is hoping that he gets the go ahead from the doc to begin to slowly ease off of the brace before we go to Vegas in March.  He has been such a trooper through the whole thing.  There were times that this situation has put our relationship to the test, but we passed!