Sunday, February 10, 2013

2 Months!

The past month since my last update has passed SO quickly! Our little peanut is already 2 months old! In the last month we have had some great milestones:

So many Smiles!

Evelyn has been sleeping between 7-9 hours for her long stretch...
this was the first 8 hour night.  I felt like a new woman!

We began putting her in the Bumbo Chair.  She LOVES it!  She thinks she is so fancy looking all around all on her own.  

Seriously, isn't she darling?!

Happy 2 Month Birthday!
(Feather is always so interested in what we are doing...hence the paw above the 'm')
 Such a big girl...

Evelyn is a wonderful baby.  She has her fussy moments, but she is easily calmed. She loves to smile, talk and coo!  Her Papa can always get a big smile out of her.  

Evelyn loves to be held, talked to and LOVES to be sung to.  She also seems to enjoy her baths! She seems to be noticing the dogs more and's fun to see her look at them and track them!  She still hates to be wet, or hot, but also doesn't like to sit in her swing and not be the center of attention.  Even when we just want to eat, she likes to be talked to the entire time!  Lately she has been refusing the bottle.  We will have to work on this before I go back to work! eek!

She loves when you sing to her and use her arms to act out the song.  Wheels on the Bus and If You're Happy and You Know It are big hits around here.  
We do a lot of singing at ECFE, she is the youngest by a couple months, but she seems to like the interaction with others.  She is notorious for falling asleep before it is over!    

I go back to work in just a few short weeks.  I can't believe that my leave is almost over, however I am lucky she will be taken care of by family...I will miss my little stinker!

Her big two month appointment, shots and all, is tomorrow morning.  I am a little nervous, but just because I don't want to see her in pain!  

Last week we celebrated my 29, yes 29th birthday and tomorrow John and I will be celebrating our 2 year anniversary.  I can't believe how fast time has gone.   It will also be Evie's first Valentines Day!  She is really excited and has a couple of festive outfits she can't wait to wear.  Also, at the end of the week we will be welcoming another cousin into the family.  Tacjana and Matt (Tyler and Dylan, too) will welcome Baby Boy #3 on Friday! Evie can't wait to have a munchkin her size!
February is such a fun filled month!!!

Love to all