Monday, December 17, 2012

Welcome Evelyn Krystyna Kalligher!

 She is FINALLY here!

On Monday, December 10, 2012 John and I welcomed Evelyn Krystyna Kalligher into the world at 8:37am weighing 8 lbs 3 oz, and was 21" long.  John and I have truly been blessed.  She is perfect with 10 fingers, 10 toes a full head of dark brown hair and even a little birthmark on her right shoulder.
First Family Photo!

Smooches...don't mind my double chin :)

Getting to know eachother
Papa holding his baby Girl for the first time

Nana and Baby Evelyn

My rockin photographer Katie and Evelyn...

I had a fabulous Birth Team of John, Kiki and Katie....They were encouraging, caring and also kept me going through the 26 hours (VERY start to finish)...and the 2, yes 2 hours of pushing.  

Wide awake

One Day Old...loving the pink

 Dr had us put her in the sunlight to help with the mild jaundice, apparently it was too bright!

Sleeping Beauty...

Maternity Pics

Big Name Reveal!

It's already been a week!  We had a Dr appt on Friday, and she was back up to 8 lbs, 5 oz...two oz. over birth weight!  As of today on her One Week Birthday we had a visit from the Home Care Nurse, Evelyn is up to 8lbs 13 oz!!  Needless to say, feeding is going well, and as of today, sleeping is going well, too...even at night!  
John has taken to his new role as 'Papa' VERY well.  Doing Laundry, cooking, being the 'Water Warden' (making sure I stay hydrated!)...all in all he is making my job of feeding much easier as I don't have to worry about the house or the pups.  By the way, Brooklyn and Feather are adjusting well.  They love to sit in the nursery while I feed Evelyn, and they come running when she cries.  They are interested in her, but not overly, so she can have her space.  
We have had lots of visitors, and are adjusting to our Family of 3 quite nicely.  
Thanks for all the love and happy thoughts:)


Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Happy Due Date, Baby Girl!

Well, we have  made it.  Not to the birth, but to 40 weeks!  I truthfully never imagined that I would ever be THIS pregnant.  As of yesterday, there is still no progress of Baby Girl's prepardness of entry into this world.  However the Doctor, and what feels like everyone who has had a baby, has reassured me that 'things can change overnight' and 'she will come when she is ready'.  I am growing to hate that last phrase, but probably because it is the truth!

Christmas decorations are up, even Nana (Kiki) has Baby Girl's Christmas Stocking in hand...secret name on it and all.  We are anxiously awaiting her arrival.  I said we are not to put up her stocking until she is here.  We do not want to reward the negative behavior of her not arriving.... :)

p.s. Props to the Hubbs for dealing with me and the moods/meltdowns over the past few weeks.  He is a good man.

Let me take you on a the journey that is my changing bump over what feels like forever the last 40 weeks...
We will keep you all posted of when she decides to make her appearance!


Monday, November 19, 2012

37 Weeks of Fun

The last few weeks have been fun filled.  Anticipating Baby Girl, Halloween, prepping for Thanksgiving (yes, we are hosting...figured with or without Baby it would be nice to be at home!), John's 30th..yes 30th Birthday and even attended a book signing.

On Halloween we had our annual work chili cook-off.  Last year I apparently made some good chili, because I WON!  I have had the honor of displaying the 'GREAT EP PEPPER' above my desk for the last year.  So, I attempted to make more great chili.  Either I am losing my touch, or others just got better.  I won 3rd, so overall not bad!  I did have to give up this great trophy...I am sure my co-workers are happy not to have to see it everyday!

The pups and I did kinda dress up for Halloween...

 Brooks...the getaway driver for the Headless Horseman

Feather the protective Sheriff

Baby Girl and I...Thing 1 and Thing 2

The pumpkins that greeted our 5 trick or treaters!

We did celebrate John's 30th Birthday yesterday with lots of food (it's the way to a man's heart, right?)...including Peanut Butter Brownies with a '30'!

Brooks loves to snuggle the bump that is Baby Girl.  Maybe this is just a glimpse into our future...

A great friend, Anna and I went to a book signing for the fabulous DIY/Decorating/Life blog called Young House Love.  Anna and I were totally geeked would have thought we were meeting the President or even Brad Pitt.  Even after waiting for almost 2 hours we were still smitten kittens. Sherry (our new BFF below) loves ceramic animals, so we bought some darling owls from West Elm, where the book signing was, and had them sign our book and owls. Good thing a portion of the purchase price of the owls go to St. Jude...made us feel better about the purchase!
Check out their may become addicted!

After last week's doctors appointment left me discouraged (really was hoping they would say, Oh! you are dilated enough...just head over to the hospital) when the dr told me I had ZERO indication this Baby Girl was ready to leave the nice comfy space I am renting her...we are hoping todays appointment will at least show some progress! Mind you I have been ready since the day before I hit 36 weeks and put my fully packed suitcase in the trunk!  p.s. yes the car is back fixed and has the carseat base in it.  I am a little weirded out driving with an empty infant carrier in the car.  The carseat is on the list of things of 'Things to Grab Before Leaving For the Hospital' that is by the door!  If I happen to be at work, Justin, John's Brother that lives with us will be responsible for the list...good thing I have written the last known wearabouts of each item :)

I really have enjoyed being pregnant as I have had it pretty easy.  But the fact I have resorted to purchasing this one pair of shoes that fit, I am over this whole being swollen thing...I am officially sporting FUZZY CROCS.  This pretty much goes against all of my previous beliefs for adult shoe wear.  However, at almost 38 weeks preggo and +50 lbs...I don't know why I didn't invest in these earlier.  They are pretty much the most comfortable shoes EVER.

With that I will leave you with my 37 week pic...and one request.  Positive vibes towards Baby Girl...we want to meet this fully cooked tiny human!!


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

34 Weeks and READY!

As I have bragged to most, I have had a very easy pregnancy.  Nothing has changed other than I sure know how to cook 'em!  This baby girl was estimated a week and a half ago to be about 5lbs 6oz!  Yes, they can be wrong (supposedly only a pound either way), but still, she is in the 89th percentile!  The doctor so reassuringly (and humorously) told us "well someone needs to be in the 89th percentile, and it looks like it is you!"  I would be more than ok if Baby Girl makes her appearance after the next couple of weeks.  She will be for the most part fully cooked at 36 weeks, and just putting on more weight! 

She and my belly are getting bigger and bigger, and with that comes discomfort and pressure.  Without going into the nitty gritty details, she is big, and running out of!

John and I feel we are all prepped and ready to go.  The first week of October we attended a full weekend of baby classes at Amma Parenting Center.  We had Newborn Care, Breastfeeding and a full day of Preparing for Childbirth.  I think we feel we will make a good team throughout this process!  Nothing came as a shock (phew!) during the classes so that was good!  They gave a lot of great information, resources and offer support before and after labor.

On Sunday, October 13, Kiki and my Aunt Teresa, with the help of Katie and my cousins Tacjana and Krystyna they threw me a wonderful baby shower.  They did a ladybug theme of red and black to match Baby Girl's room.  So many friends and family came and were SO generous!  They asked everyone to bring a favorite book to help start Baby Girl's library- so many fun books!  It was great to see everyone at my house, and show everyone my big growing belly :)  When John came home to all of the wonderful gifts and stories of the afternoon we both felt humbled and thankful that this baby is so loved and we have so many fabulous people in our lives that support us. 

In another attempt to prepare, Kiki and I made freezer meals on Monday!  With the help of Pinterest and our other recent experience with Let's Dish we found recipes, shopped, cooked and froze lots of meals.  We figure it will be much easier to throw something in the crock pot or in the oven pre-made instead of cook when we are in the haze that this baby girl will bring to our lives.  More to come on how the meals actually taste :)

So now that we are educated, will be fed and were showered with gifts for Baby Girl, we had a tour of the birthplace last night!  I will be delivering at Fairview Riverside.  They have a brand new beautiful Amplantz Children's Hospital.  We feel that if for some reason, something goes wrong, we are in the best hands possible.  That, and Kiki works at Riverside so she will make sure we get the best! With that, we feel like we are really ready to bring this baby into the world!

The last couple items on the checklist are:
1. Install the carseat next week (I have rental car through the end of this week as a few weeks ago wonderful person side swiped us on the highway, and kept driving, - yes we are all ok, just the drivers side of my car was damaged)
2.  I need to finish packing my hospital bag.  This has been a little overwhelming because I am an overpacker by trade.  You just never know what you will need!  So I complied a few lists from the trusty internet, consulted with some friends who have recently had babes and I think I am on the right track.  It's not like I will be in a foreign country or can't send John home to get me something, but I also like to be prepared for all situations and not feel scattered! 

Of course there are many things we cannot prepare for, but such as life.  We do not know when she is coming, how she will make her grand appearance, what we will act like with little sleep and having a newborn, and many, many other things!

Now that you are caught up on all of our baby is the latest bump pic...getting big!

When I get the shower pics from Kiki, I will post all of the fun.  Hope all is well.  xoxo, Andrea

Thursday, September 6, 2012

27 Week Update and Nursery

It's been a while since my last post.  We have been busy enjoying what we have left of the summer, getting the house ready and working on the nursery! 

Kiki, Jeff, John and I were able to put together a darling nursery.  We painted the ceiling, put in new flooring, painted the walls, put in a new entry door, new closet doors, new trim, new window, removed sanded, painted and rehung the chair rail and added new baseboards.  

Check out where our little lady will have all of her sweet dreams...

We still have finishing touches to put around the room like more ladybugs, and her name above her crib (we have it all, we are just waiting patiently). Baby Girl does have a name, but we are keeping it a secret until her arrival! 


 Kiki re-finished my old rocking horse...and added ribbon as the mane to match Baby Girl's Room!

 This is just Baby Girl's Closet, her drawers and bins are full, too!  Kiki and I have been very busy shopping for her. We have found stellar garage sales, sales at stores and wonderful friends who have been generous with gifts and hand me downs!  No more clothing unless they are absolute needs :)    John banned us from doing any more clothes shopping!  

At 27 weeks, I am getting bigger and bigger each day!  I am still feeling really great, and have been lucky to have such an 'easy' pregnancy.  Again, hoping this continues to the end!  My ankles have been a little swollen, but if I manage to keep off my feet when I get home, it seems to go down.  Also, John is great about housework and dog all around wonderful hubbs!

This little girl is a ninja, loves to kick, punch and I swear do flips! It's so fun to feel her move and even get the hiccups.  At around 2 lbs, she sure can make some belly waves!

 Next Monday I will be going in for the routine glucose test to screen for gestational diabetes, and then have the monthly check in.  I have to drink some sugary syrup, wait an hour, then they take some tests.  I am hoping all goes well.  

Here is the most recent bump pic!

I'll attempt to update more often in the near's just been too nice outside and this momma and baby girl need some relaxation and sun! 
Hope all is well.  

Of course, here are some darling pics of our other babies...

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Baby Kalligher is a .....!!

This past Sunday we had some friends and family over not only to see the renovations we have done to the house, but also to reveal Baby Kalligher's gender!

We found out last Monday, and had to try REALLY hard to keep it a secret all week!  Was it hard! We had lots of pink and blue around the house to decorate for the reveal.

I made some cake pops with the reveal color in it, and had everyone eat them at the same time!  I don't have all the pics from the you will have to use your imagination!  But in the end everyone found out Baby Kalligher is a...

That's right, a GIRL!  

I am still feeling really good, and am enjoying finally looking pregnant.  I cannot get enough Mexican food, and red meat (other than taco meat) is still not my favorite.  The last couple weeks, smores pop tarts have really hit the spot along with ice cream as it has been SO warm!
I have been able to feel baby girl move for the past almost 3 weeks, what an AMAZING feeling!  Just a couple days ago John was able to feel her move for the first time. So fun!
We have decided on a name, however we are not sharing until Baby Girl Kalligher is born.  We are excited about the name...and meeting her in December!
We are now planning our nursery projects, and John fixed the ceiling and put down new flooring in the nursery yesterday!  Just new baseboards and some fun paint and we can get the furniture in.  House projects are moving along well, and it is fun to see all our hard work come together. 

Here are the latest bump pics :)

Hope all is well with you, and can't wait to show the nursery when we are done!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

17 Weeks and Counting!

I am at 17 weeks and the belly has finally begun to show!  I remained lucky, and have not had any morning sickness.  So far, pregnancy has agreed with me and it has been easy...hopefully this remains the case!  

We are excited to find out what flavor Baby Kalligher is!  We find out mid July and can't wait to share with our friends and family.  Baby Kalligher is already so loved.  We have been busy making lists of what we would like to complete before the baby gets here...and getting started on those lists.  It feels like there are not enough hours in the day to do projects, work and find time to relax!  
Hope all is well, and I will try to get better about less time between belly pics!  xoxo Andrea

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

And a Baby Makes 3!...

   And a Baby Makes 3!...or 5 depending if you ask the pups!  John and I are excited to announce that we are expecting!  December 5 is the estimated arrival.  If the baby is like me, the arrival will be late.  If the baby is like John, the arrival will be early!

   I am still in the first trimester (almost 2nd!) and have had no morning sickness!  I am so thankful for that.  It has just been hard to decide what to eat as not much sounds good, red meat in particular.  Within the next couple of weeks I will start posting weekly pics of the bump!

So far,  I just look a little chubby, but below is the picture from the first ultrasound at just under 7 weeks.  We have had two appointments, and so far so good.  We did not have an ultrasound at our second appointment yesterday, but still got to hear the heartbeat for the second time.  I don't think that is a sound that will ever get old! 
 It is still unreal that in just over 6 months, we will be parents!  The last few years for us has been a wild ride, new jobs, engagement, new house, new cars, house projects, wedding, loss of my dad, vacations, more house projects and now a baby!  We could not be more thankful for the journey and how it has brought us together, but can't wait for the little one to be with us!  Stay tuned!