Monday, March 11, 2013

3 Month Update!

Again, time has passed so quickly!  We have been busy, busy, and things have changed quite a bit! Evie has began turning her head when she wants to look at something, is a pro at tummy time, grabs and hold onto objects, loves to sit  and stand assisted, had her first cold, is constantly talking and smiling up a storm and is almost rolling over! EEK!  

Here is our month in pictures:

John and I celebrated our 2nd anniversary with a Chocolate Lovers Buttercream Cake, just like at our wedding...and lunch at Lions Tap! We kept it easy as it was the day Evie had her 2 month check up with shots!

Fairly happy despite 3 shots!

Almost rolling over!

Feather stole Nana's spot on the couch to snuggle!

 Brooks giving Evie smooches

Grabbing toes

Holding onto toys!

Asking Auntie Alyssa and Auntie Jenny to be her Godmothers!...and of course Uncle Josh to be her Godfather!

Dedication at Westwood Church...with her red patent leather shoes

So, all in all it has been a busy month! With all of that I also went back to work last week.  Yes, the waterworks were flowing the night before, but I was shooed out of the house the next morning by John and reassured by all of the videos and pictures throughout the day that she was just fine.  It's nice to be back, but sad at the same time.  
Evie has been a great sleeper up until last week when she got a runny nose :( She is feeling better, just waiting to get  back in the groove of things.  
She is so fun to interact with right now, and am excited for all the future 'fun-ness' to happen!

Hope all is well!