Monday, October 14, 2013

10 Months!

It has been a busy month...especially for the busy bee.  We spent a better part of the month trying to get the entire house healthy....more on that in a second. * This is a long and text!

We think it took Ms. Evie (affectionately also know as Evie Boneeviee- thanks to Auntie Lyssa- think the song Evie Evie Boneevie, Banana fanna fo feevie, me mi mo meevie, EEEEvie, she also loves this song) about 2 weeks to master the walking thing.  The kid is close to running now- I bet by the end of next month this will be the case.  In those two weeks she figured out how to stand up without pulling herself up, all that practice of the yoga move downward dog was very helpful to stand alone.  The girl is constantly walking.  Her favorite activity is finding a toy, usually an alphabet flashcard (yes we have them), and walks around the couches and throughout the house talking away.  She is still saying Mama,  Ba, and new words as of right now. BUT she is able to follow directions: Come here, can I have that please?, 'chew chew chew' and 'ah ah ah' (as in don't do that)- smart cookie!

One of the only times she is sitting still is when she is eating.  The girl is a horse.  No joke the girl downed an entire chicken breast for lunch last week (papa took one bite thats it!).  She still loves her meat, beans, and veggies.  The girl will eat just about anything.  I am thankful we do not have to distract her, or do any special tricks to get her to eat...she just shovels it in. We cannot give her big chunks and let her bite it off yet as she is so passionate about her eating that she tries to bite WAY too big of pieces! Slowly but surely.  The last week or so we think she has to be growing- the girl eats and sleeps like its no ones business- that paired with all that walking.  

We have good news on the bath time front.  The girl now LOVES big girl baths.  Her splashing was getting a little out of control in her infant tub, so we gave it a whirl one day. But let me back up... Nana bought her an Elmo Bathmat.  We had it in the kitchen, and put it on the floor and kept moving it around- she liked to look at Elmo and touch him, so we took this as a good sign.  On the day we put her in the big girl tub again, we made sure to put the bathmat in. I let her watch the water run and fill the tub, and then put her in. She was wild, splashing, crawling back and forth and  with in a few days even putting her hands in to the tub water stream. Phew Evie won't be 9 in the infant tub. 

Evie goes on Wednesdays with Nana to Kindermusik, its a music class with quite a few other babes her age.  She LOVES it.  I have gone a couple times, but for the most part this has been a special Nana/Evie outing.  Nana says she loves the drums and going to EACH baby and saying hi and touching them.  She loves to be in everyones business.  She thinks Evie is going to be 'a hugger'.  I totally wouldn't doubt it.  It became apparent that Evie doesn't like to share at music class...and everywhere else.  So over the last month we have been working on sharing.  It is going well!  You can ask her for things and she will hand them over...even half chewed food!

So our month started with Ms. Evie getting a cold- then Brooklyn got sick followed by Feather AND Roxi.  John and I both were not 100% either.  Needless to say after the pups were healthy we resorted to ripping up the remaining carpet in our Master Bedroom (was on the 'to do' list- but maybe next year!).  Ugh for more projects, but yay for making out room fresh! That paired with a new bed, we are on our way to getting our room in order. No progress on the bathroom yet as John has had to work quite a few nights until he is fully staffed.  Soon.....

Here is our month is pictures...


My sick little bug, she looked so pitiful.  Still could crack a smile, though!

 So peaceful when she sleeps.

She started climbing things...

 Little bug in the Bath:

All fresh and clean in new jammies!

Seriously, how cute is she...

Some Fall photos taken by Nana...she is trying to eat the leaf...big surprise

Eve's all dressed up for Lainey Danhauser's 1st Birthday Party!

Roxi all full of Pepto, our best attempt at getting the dogs healthy!


 Feather still has to be RIGHT there. 

Pooped out...walking is hard!

Yum, pickles after Music class!

Celebrating Nana's Birthday!

Michael's Coupons to help Mama with her crafting...

Mama's holiday crafting: Silly Halloween Monster Wreath!

9 Month Pics...we also did her Halloween costume...saving that for next month!

That was our month in a nutshell.  Busy, busy, busy!
We are looking forward to some full fall activities in the days and weeks ahead- excited to share next month!

Hope all is well with you and yours.