Monday, November 19, 2012

37 Weeks of Fun

The last few weeks have been fun filled.  Anticipating Baby Girl, Halloween, prepping for Thanksgiving (yes, we are hosting...figured with or without Baby it would be nice to be at home!), John's 30th..yes 30th Birthday and even attended a book signing.

On Halloween we had our annual work chili cook-off.  Last year I apparently made some good chili, because I WON!  I have had the honor of displaying the 'GREAT EP PEPPER' above my desk for the last year.  So, I attempted to make more great chili.  Either I am losing my touch, or others just got better.  I won 3rd, so overall not bad!  I did have to give up this great trophy...I am sure my co-workers are happy not to have to see it everyday!

The pups and I did kinda dress up for Halloween...

 Brooks...the getaway driver for the Headless Horseman

Feather the protective Sheriff

Baby Girl and I...Thing 1 and Thing 2

The pumpkins that greeted our 5 trick or treaters!

We did celebrate John's 30th Birthday yesterday with lots of food (it's the way to a man's heart, right?)...including Peanut Butter Brownies with a '30'!

Brooks loves to snuggle the bump that is Baby Girl.  Maybe this is just a glimpse into our future...

A great friend, Anna and I went to a book signing for the fabulous DIY/Decorating/Life blog called Young House Love.  Anna and I were totally geeked would have thought we were meeting the President or even Brad Pitt.  Even after waiting for almost 2 hours we were still smitten kittens. Sherry (our new BFF below) loves ceramic animals, so we bought some darling owls from West Elm, where the book signing was, and had them sign our book and owls. Good thing a portion of the purchase price of the owls go to St. Jude...made us feel better about the purchase!
Check out their may become addicted!

After last week's doctors appointment left me discouraged (really was hoping they would say, Oh! you are dilated enough...just head over to the hospital) when the dr told me I had ZERO indication this Baby Girl was ready to leave the nice comfy space I am renting her...we are hoping todays appointment will at least show some progress! Mind you I have been ready since the day before I hit 36 weeks and put my fully packed suitcase in the trunk!  p.s. yes the car is back fixed and has the carseat base in it.  I am a little weirded out driving with an empty infant carrier in the car.  The carseat is on the list of things of 'Things to Grab Before Leaving For the Hospital' that is by the door!  If I happen to be at work, Justin, John's Brother that lives with us will be responsible for the list...good thing I have written the last known wearabouts of each item :)

I really have enjoyed being pregnant as I have had it pretty easy.  But the fact I have resorted to purchasing this one pair of shoes that fit, I am over this whole being swollen thing...I am officially sporting FUZZY CROCS.  This pretty much goes against all of my previous beliefs for adult shoe wear.  However, at almost 38 weeks preggo and +50 lbs...I don't know why I didn't invest in these earlier.  They are pretty much the most comfortable shoes EVER.

With that I will leave you with my 37 week pic...and one request.  Positive vibes towards Baby Girl...we want to meet this fully cooked tiny human!!