Wednesday, April 10, 2013

4 Months :)

Wow!  I seriously cannot believe we already have a 4 month old!  We are definitely out of the 'newborn' does that just make her an infant or a baby? Sounds lame...because she is so much fun...both do not to justice to how busy she is.  Anyway, we have 'busy girl' on our hands.  She loves to be in her Jumperoo and exersaucer.  We are lucky to have had so many wonderful hand-me-downs she has lots of options :) EVERYTHING goes into her mouth.  She loves her Sophie Giraffe just chews, chews, chews on it!

At her 4 month appointment on Monday, our little pork chop is 15 lbs 10 oz and 25.25" long and is in the 90th percentile!  Our little bug has a big melon and is in the 97th percentile for her head!  Poor thing had to get two shots, she just gets pooped out and a little crabby...nothing some extra snuggles can't fix.   We got the OK to begin some rice or oatmeal cereal.  Of course I ran to Target to get some...the shelves were empty, like so empty I had to take a picture to send it to John.  I was shocked! So, I will get some in the next tonight to try...I'm excited!

She has become so interactive and is so fun.  We always call her our 'Funny Girl' or our 'Busy Girl'...she is so BOTH.  She is always smiling (of course unless she is tired!) and loves to be busy, busy, busy.  Whether it is her being in her jumperoo, at ECFE, under her play mat, in her high chair, baby bjorn or being held.  She loves to look at everything, and be in everyones business.  She is close to rolling and sitting.  Such a strong girl. She loves to talk and squeal...or as of the last few days grunt! It's too funny.  We have a feeling once she starts talking...she'll never quit (but listen to her mama, nana and aunties....cousins and babci...haha)

We had some darling three month pics taken, but I haven't gotten them into my computer yet (cut me some slack! This whole working mom thing has me busy...and I need my down time watching shows!).

The biggest accomplishment this month was getting her from the 'Rock and Play' sleeper into her CRIB.  It was a hard transition as the rock and play is at a slight incline, so all of the sudden sleeping flat took some getting used to.  We did the pack and play in our room for two weeks, then put her in her room...just like a big girl!  She did awesome.  I think it was significantly harder on me than her, yes, in case you were wondering I am doing ok with the transition.  Now we are working on putting her down drowsy and not snuggling her to sleep...we will get there! It's just mainly me being selfish and wanting to snuggle my baby all the time.

She is still sleeping really well, and eating well, too.  This 'over producer' may be able to quit pumping in the next month or so and still have enough for Evie drink breast milk for her ENTIRE first year.  Yeah, so I am not joking when I say over producing.  Our entire standing freezer is full of Beef (we bought our first 1/4 cow...yum!) and Breast Milk.  I know, probably TMI for some, but if you know me well...I tend to overshare!

Here is our super cutie...
Weekly Pics

4 Months!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!
Hoppy Easter :)

She couldn't have just one Easter dress!
Always in her mouth!

Big Girl practicing sitting in the boppy...probably watching baseball!

 SO smiley!

 Basking in the sun..

 This was too cute not to post...

Our little Evelyn is keeping us all busy,  I am fortunate enough to get lots of pictures and videos from John and my mom when I am at work.  Doesn't make is quite so hard to be away.  
The pups are still loving her, and she smiles at them all the time...watching the relationships between them grow will be fun. 

Hope all is well with you.