Monday, July 15, 2013

7 Months!

Month after month, I cannot believe how fast time goes by.  Evie is one busy seven month old.  She is 'creeping' everywhere, and can move pretty quickly! The little stink also figured out how to go from laying down to sitting...and she had already figured out pulling herself see below to what I wake up to...seriously best thing ever.

June was super fun, we celebrated Father's day with an early morning of golf (john and his brother).  I think he had a pretty good guess of what he was going to get as he woke me up on Saturday night, I was lame and in bed early, just to let me know he had a 'really early tee time'.  So I caved and gave him is new driver and sand wedge on Saturday night.  (That was a story in itself...I was so overwhelmed at the golf store I forgot to tell the sales guy J is a Evie and I had to go back a second time!) We had a breakfast of biscuits and gravy for the Papa.  Followed by a relaxing afternoon of naps, a beautiful trip to the park, and then a yummy dinner of Mongolian Beef...another Papa favorite.  From what he tells me...all in all a great first Father's Day.  

John and I even got out for our first date alone since Evelyn was born!  Another funny story...we went to Bayside (most of you probably know we used to be fairly permanent fixtures there! Evie has even been to dinner there like 3 or 4 times...the manager recognizes her...sad I know- but maybe not cause I have a cute baby).  We decided we would rough out the 'little rain' outside...then the wind started, ok so we gave in and went inside..again we were determined to stay!  Then the power went out..and then on...and then out- for good.  They stopped serving everything... we didn't want to go relieve Nana at 8:30, so we continued onto another favorite, Vic's.  We were still home by 10:30- and Nana was sitting with the lights off playing Candy Crush on the corner of the couch.  She claims the power was in and out, but now that it was back on she needed to charge her phone to play.  Funny sight...on Nan.  Remember the storm that knocked out power to some for like days...yeah that is the night we decided to go out for the first time.  Had it not been family- we would have been home at like 7:45!

Evelyn is still a great eater.  She loves avocado, banana, apple, sweet potato, peas, lima beans, avocado, carrots, watermelon, blueberries, pears, spinach (yes plain spinach!), and did I say avocado?!  and of course 'puffs'.  I think if we let her, she would just eat puffs all day.  She loves those!    All though she has no teeth (they have to be coming soon...she is a drooling and chomping machine) she loves to gum her puffs and cherrios.  If you help her with 'food' like bananas or blueberries, cut up small of course, she will eat better than if you just put them on her tray.  She is very good with her pointer finger and thumb.  Very intentional in her grabbing!  We have been trying new foods every few days, and so far so good on no reactions.  She is beginning to use a sippy cup.  Not sure how much she is actually getting when she is using it unassisted, but with help she takes in a bit.  Nana taught her how fun it is to drink from a cup and bottle of water...she think's she fancy drinking like a really big girl.   And to round out the food convo, I decided to quit nursing and start using the frozen milk that will last until she is one...I don't think she seems to notice, I think it is much harder on me :)

We had quite a few firsts this month.  We transitioned to a 'Big Girl' carseat, went swimming for the first time, went for her first bike ride, and even started swimming lessons!  She is getting so big so fast- its crazy!
In her bike trailer with her pony helmet and sippy!

 The little bug standing and shrieking happily in her crib...almost every morning!
(a tell tale she's not ready to actually wake up and she is just hungry/needs a nook is she is CRABBY and awake, usually pretty easily soothed back to sleep)

I figured out the video!  Here is her is a little speedier than in real life- but you get the idea, you can see how she like sit scoots on her right leg, she's sooo close to an actual crawl. 

Sleeping Beauty...

 7 Months!

 First Day of Swimming Lessons with Papa at the EPCC!  I took and taught lessons there!

Swimming outside :)

First time in Nana's Pool with Mama!

New Play House from the Neighbors

Happy 4th!

Swimming in her pool from Rotschafers!

 Just chilin by the gate....put up just in time!

Hurricane Evie

Mom and Papa's first night out...together AND alone!!!!

Early mornings...


 Father's Day gift to John

Couple favorite pics from Father's Day...

Just being busy


 A couple of her 6 month photos...meltdown city....

 Evie being a little sassy!

We hope all if well with you, and you are enjoying the hot and beautiful weather.  John and  I are enjoying the summer and his mom will be coming to meet Evie this week!  Pics to come.  The pups are great, the heat can be hard on them- but are still truckin along and loving Evelyn.  


p.s. I did manage to renew my teaching license- wanting to keep my options open, at least for the next 5 years when I have to renew again!