Thursday, September 6, 2012

27 Week Update and Nursery

It's been a while since my last post.  We have been busy enjoying what we have left of the summer, getting the house ready and working on the nursery! 

Kiki, Jeff, John and I were able to put together a darling nursery.  We painted the ceiling, put in new flooring, painted the walls, put in a new entry door, new closet doors, new trim, new window, removed sanded, painted and rehung the chair rail and added new baseboards.  

Check out where our little lady will have all of her sweet dreams...

We still have finishing touches to put around the room like more ladybugs, and her name above her crib (we have it all, we are just waiting patiently). Baby Girl does have a name, but we are keeping it a secret until her arrival! 


 Kiki re-finished my old rocking horse...and added ribbon as the mane to match Baby Girl's Room!

 This is just Baby Girl's Closet, her drawers and bins are full, too!  Kiki and I have been very busy shopping for her. We have found stellar garage sales, sales at stores and wonderful friends who have been generous with gifts and hand me downs!  No more clothing unless they are absolute needs :)    John banned us from doing any more clothes shopping!  

At 27 weeks, I am getting bigger and bigger each day!  I am still feeling really great, and have been lucky to have such an 'easy' pregnancy.  Again, hoping this continues to the end!  My ankles have been a little swollen, but if I manage to keep off my feet when I get home, it seems to go down.  Also, John is great about housework and dog all around wonderful hubbs!

This little girl is a ninja, loves to kick, punch and I swear do flips! It's so fun to feel her move and even get the hiccups.  At around 2 lbs, she sure can make some belly waves!

 Next Monday I will be going in for the routine glucose test to screen for gestational diabetes, and then have the monthly check in.  I have to drink some sugary syrup, wait an hour, then they take some tests.  I am hoping all goes well.  

Here is the most recent bump pic!

I'll attempt to update more often in the near's just been too nice outside and this momma and baby girl need some relaxation and sun! 
Hope all is well.  

Of course, here are some darling pics of our other babies...