Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Baby Kalligher is a .....!!

This past Sunday we had some friends and family over not only to see the renovations we have done to the house, but also to reveal Baby Kalligher's gender!

We found out last Monday, and had to try REALLY hard to keep it a secret all week!  Was it hard! We had lots of pink and blue around the house to decorate for the reveal.

I made some cake pops with the reveal color in it, and had everyone eat them at the same time!  I don't have all the pics from the you will have to use your imagination!  But in the end everyone found out Baby Kalligher is a...

That's right, a GIRL!  

I am still feeling really good, and am enjoying finally looking pregnant.  I cannot get enough Mexican food, and red meat (other than taco meat) is still not my favorite.  The last couple weeks, smores pop tarts have really hit the spot along with ice cream as it has been SO warm!
I have been able to feel baby girl move for the past almost 3 weeks, what an AMAZING feeling!  Just a couple days ago John was able to feel her move for the first time. So fun!
We have decided on a name, however we are not sharing until Baby Girl Kalligher is born.  We are excited about the name...and meeting her in December!
We are now planning our nursery projects, and John fixed the ceiling and put down new flooring in the nursery yesterday!  Just new baseboards and some fun paint and we can get the furniture in.  House projects are moving along well, and it is fun to see all our hard work come together. 

Here are the latest bump pics :)

Hope all is well with you, and can't wait to show the nursery when we are done!