Friday, August 16, 2013

8 Months

Yes, yes, I know I am late in my post!  The house has been crazy lately.  Between work and trying to spend as much time with my little peanut butter as possible...its tough :)

Evie is still a little busy bee.  She has mastered her version of crawling and has even started to cruise along anything she can pull herself up on: couches, coffee table, the wall, her toys, the cabinets and even the railings.  She is a good mix of independent and snuggly.  She has her times where she loves to be held, and others when she is fighting to be free and lick the floor (even at my work, yum).  She is overall a happy, loving baby who is growing up too fast!  

Her favorites lately:
-Reading her favorite books
-Crawling to the master bed room to look at the fan
-Giving kisses and being kissed
-Playing Super Girl (legs straight onto Papa's belly and she flys through the house!)
-Laughing at the dogs (even her fur cousin Max)
-Being outside
-Watching kids
-Eating Cheerios
-Showing 'SOOO BIG' but not when you ask...on her own.  Then you say it, she    does it again and laughs
-Clapping and playing 'Patty Cake'
-Being tickled

Sleeping is still going well.  She has been a champ at night, very rarely waking up at night (now that I share this with the world, she will change her habits).  However, she is up between 5:15-6am and fired up!  J and I take turns 'sleeping in' on the weekends.  

She is still a great eater.  We are doing a lot of the same, just introducing a few new foods here and there while keeping her favorites. She loves her purees...still a toothless wonder. (UPDATE: while this post was in progress the little bugs first tooth broke through!!! 8/16/13)  We have been slowly trying to introduce her favorites as finger foods, but she is not a huge fan- it will just take some time.  She will eat breads and a few others with help.  Next up: meat!  Thinking we will start with some chicken.  

We are so in love with our little pumpkin- all we want to do is just squeeze her! She is so freaking cute. Here are some pic to prove it ;)

Weekly Pics...We are still at them!  I just think about how big she was at 32-35 weeks in my belly....and now we are 32-35 weeks out!

Monthly...She was a little stink for this one.  She wouldn't sit still!

Reading her favorite book "Where is Baby's Belly Button"

This is her moving from 5:30am-7pm (with a couple short naps)!

More business...

Someone was supervising my gardening...!

My morning giggle bug!

Nap time!


Still being busy

Chomping on some celery

Someone is a regular pole dancer :)

Lovin on her Sophie!

Someone else had a big month...this guy is 8 YEARS old! Brooks is officially a 'senior'.  He got started on a senior weight management program...the bugger likes to eat...and sleep!

I am trying to keep up being a friend, wife, mommy, daughter and worker bee.   I am attempting some changes to make me better at all of these....more to come on all that:)

Hope all is well, until next month (or a big milestone)