Friday, May 10, 2013

5 Months

Again, time passes so quickly and I can't believe we have a 5 month old!  She is still very busy.  We have had a big month...we have a cereal eater, a roller AND a sitter!

Just after her 4 month doctor appointment, dr said we could start cereal, she LOVES it!  We did rice first, and a few days later tried oatmeal.  After trying both, she seems to like oatmeal more, but we add in a little rice to use up what we have.  Most of the time you can barely spoon more into her mouth fast enough! She also likes it very warm, borderline hot.  If it is not warm enough, she refuses it. Just like her bottles! Little stinker! We are excited to start trying other foods.  She loves to eat, so I am sure it will be super fun.

Being the little stink she is, of course she had to do things backwards and sit before she even began to roll.  The big girl started sitting a few weeks ago, and then the next day rolled from her back to her front.  We are still waiting on the front to back roll, but being the little girl she is- it will be on her time and her time only!

She is still busy, busy, busy.  Since it has been nicer outside, we have been trying to get out as much as we can.  She seems to love being outside, and the fresh air is such a nice change to inside.  She is always looking around and is into everyone else's business.  She still loves her jumper and exersaucer.  She loves to give 'hugs' and touch people's faces especially mama, papa and nana.  She loves to look outside at the trees and when she's inside she smiles at the dogs, and if they are all by us and you ask where they are by name, she looks right at the correct one.  It very well could be all coincidence, but I think Evie is a genius :)

She is still a great eater, and sleeper.  Again, still working on the naps, but she is rigid about her bedtime, and likes to begin her routine by like 6:50 pm and asleep by 7:20-7:30pm.  If we start any later it can be meltdown city.  It is nice for us as we can watch some shows and get a few things done before we go to bed.  (Total downer for our social if we had one before!)

Here is our month in pictures.  I am loving Instagram right now!

 Loving her Oatmeal!

About to go favorite hat!

Playing in her Jumperoo!

Outside on the deck in her exersaucer.

Same day...pooped out from all the fresh air!

Being silly while eating!

After evening Oatmeal is Bath time- long enough hair for a curly mohawk!

After waking up- must not have combed down the wet mohawk before bed!

 Tuckered out after an afternoon with Auntie Jenny, and cousins Carter and Ryleigh!  Almost getting too big for her infant carrier!

I think she thinks she is in jail!

Big Girl Sitting!

5 month fun pics

 It was a quieter morning...she was so serious!- had a little cold yesterday, still recovering :)

Our little Evelyn continues to allow us to fall deeper and deeper in love with her daily.  She is our 16 pound rolly poly bundle of joy.  We love to see what new things she will show us each day.   I am excited for my first mother's day with Evie- already received cards from my mom, sister and lovely friend Anna. So thoughtful :)

hope all is well with you and yours...