Friday, June 14, 2013

Happy Half Birthday!

Can you believe it?!  Evie is 6 months old!  It has been a whirlwind of a all months have been since she was born. I know I am a few days late in my post.  I am Monday-Friday in the summer instead of Tuesday-Saturday AND I am attempting to finish renewing my teaching license before the end of the month...and I am attempting to go to bed early!

In the last month had a lot of firsts... we celebrated my first Mother's Day, finished Evie's first 'semester' of Early Childhood Family Education (ECFE), visited Tyler's Kindergarten class room,  began Evie's FIRST solid foods...and so much more.

My first mother's day was fabulous. John let me sleep in...awesome.  Made a great breakfast- then surprised me with a massage that day.  I got to get out of the house...ALONE and get a massage...whaaat?  Then enjoyed dinner at home the three of us.  So good!

At her 6 month appointment she is 17lbs 7oz (71%), almost 27" (86%) and her melon is still in the 95%.  Her busy lifestyle has thinned her out a bit...but still our big girl!

Evelyn is still a busy bee.  She has really perfected her sitting, and has BEGAN PULLING HERSELF UP! yeah, I about died the first time, too.  She is only 6 months old!  She is doing a tiny bit of scooting, no substantial movement, but trying- yet when she does start moving we are really in for something new!  She likes when you help her stand and walk.  She will walk all over the house...we are so in for it...  She loves to give 'hugs' and when someone is holding her and she wants to go to someone else..she will lean to them.  Evie thinks the dogs are hilarious.  Always smiles when she sees them.  She loves to touch them, and we have to remind her to be gently...sometimes she get a good handful of fur (and chubb) and they look at her like "ah that kinda hurts"- they are so tolerant with her.  Don't worry we are safe with them together...and make sure she doesn't irritate them too much :)

We have a little play area in the corner of the living room.  She likes to be surrounded by her toys and just play.  Cracks me up that she has her favorites...loves her some Sophie Giraffe, Taggie Puppy and this Bright Stars Teether...she also loves her Very Hungry Caterpillar rattle!  I found this great activity table at a local garage sale- instrumental in her pulling herself up!  Nana spoils her rotten, and she got some 'early birthday presents'.  She loves to ride in her Princess Cozy Coupe...check out the picture below, and her pimped out wagon.  Seriously there are 4 cup holders.  John and I are excited to use the cup holders for more adult like beverages...

She loves to eat.  So far we have tried avocados, bananas, sweet potatoes, and apples. She loves, loves it.  I gave it a whirl to make it at home.  We have a magic bullet, so I have been steaming the food (usually in a microwave steamer bag), pureeing it in the magic bullet with a little water to make it smoother- then freezing it in ice cube trays.  SO easy, and I feel good about the fact I know what is in it! We then thaw it out, microwave it for a bit- add some warm breast milk to make it even smoother and done!  Evie is a little diva when it comes to her food, she likes it warm. Not like luke warm- or room temperature- like almost HOT.  If it's not, she pushes it out with her tongue like 'honestly, you expect me to eat this cold?!'.  Fine by me if she eats it all when its hot, can't complain!  Evie continues to be a good eater otherwise.  No teeth yet, so nursing is still a going well.

She has been a fairly good sleeper.  She has a pretty strict bedtime.  I mean strict as in- she has a meltdown if she isn't in bed around 7:30.  She is the one who keeps us on top of it!  Even if she has napped later than usual, she likes her bedtime!  We have 'dinner' of cereal, and she likes if we start getting that ready around 6:45.  She eats, gets a bath, nurses, then goes to sleep.  Funny girl.  She then will usually sleep until around 3-4am, nurse, then back to sleep until almost 6am.  Yes.  6am.  Freaking early.  However, when you think about it, she has already slept about 10 hours by I cannot complain! Its just mama and papa like to stay up a little after evie goes to we just have to sleep earlier.  We think her teeth are close to coming through so the last couple weeks we have had a couple rough nights.  Thankfully J has taken some of those late nights...and I have taken a liking to coffee.

ok time for the photo dump!
Weekly Pics:

Monthly Pics:
Stink Face!

It was soo hard to leave for work this day.  Papa and baby snuggling on the couch!


 First time at the Park with Papa...and she got to swing!

Playing outside!

Driving in her Car...she seriously has her hands on the wheel at all times...sooo funny!

Being busy

First time sitting like a big girl at Target!

First trip to Como Zoo!

Meeting my Grad School Friend Lexi's Daughter Hazel Jane...SOOO fun seeing them together! (Hazel Jane is only three weeks older!)

Pooped out and snoozing!

After her first lunch on the Bayside Patio...she was out!

Just one more cause she's so cute!

We are so thankful for how fun Evie is and we are excited for all of the little moments we get to share with her.  Her giggles fill the house and she is the absolute light in our lives.  Until next time!