Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Little Lady Turns ONE!

Yes, this is a little late.  Ok, VERY late.  The last couple of months have been CRAZY.  So we left off in the middle of November.  We left off with no snow, the beginning of the holidays were just in sight.
Between November 10 and December 10:
-Got 4 teeth!  She has 4 on the bottom, and two on the top...but not the middle ones, the next ones over!  She is beginning to look like a little vampire, its pretty funny.
- Celebrated John's 31st birthday!
- Celebrated Evie's 1st Thanksgiving!
- Celebrated Keshyana's 3rd Birthday Party
-Went to the Victoria Lion's Club Pancake Breakfast with the Kistners
- Baby Kate (my dear friend from college's second baby) was born!
- Had a super fun 1st Birthday Party for Ms. Evie!

Ms. Eves is so busy and I still can't believe how big she is getting.  She is still a great eater, and still a good sleeper.   She is such a good walker, and so stinking cute.  We had a fun little surprise for John on the Sunday before his birthday.  We had a few friends meet up at Champps in EP.  He was shocked to say the least.  Never saw it coming :)  We had a nice quiet night in for his birthday the next day.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving at The Friday House.  It was fun to have all of the kiddos together. My cousin's little guy Tyler is so sweet to Evie, he will definitely be like the big brother she doesn't have.  He is so caring and sweet to her, he is 6 years old and just the most fun.  His little brother Dylan (my godson), and cousin Keshyana are 3- soon enough they will have Ms. Evie chasing to play with them.  
We even did a little Black Friday shopping! Eves and I went to the Galleria with Beth, Moe and Beth's mom.  She was a trooper for a the couple hours we were out.  Maybe we'll get to go longer next year!

We can't wait until Christmas, Santa is excited, too.  I just know it!

We decided to celebrate  Evie's 1st birthday the Sunday before her actual birthday.  Our little gathering quickly became 35 people before we knew it.  So many people love this little girl to pieces.  We had a lady bug themed party, naturally!  Nana helped bring my vision of her darling little outfit a reality.  Ms. Evie was anything but shy.  She of course cruised the loop all afternoon.  All her little guests were so eager to help her open all of the extremely generous birthday gifts.  She loved all of her gifts, once they were opened.  She wasn't big into the opening or the paper.

On the day of Evie's birthday I took the day off to spend the day with J and Eves.  We went to Sea Life Aquarium.  She loved it when J took her, and they were running a holiday special, so we opted for the year membership.  That way J, Nana or I could take her.  She absolutely loved it this time, too.  After we went for a special treat at the Rainforest Cafe.  She loved that, too!  The pretend thunderstorms, gorillas...everything!

This momma also had two fairly big accomplishments this months, too.
1.  We used the LAST bit of breastmilk.  We have been slowly transitioning her to whole milk over the last few weeks.  So far so good.
2.  I ran a 10k!  I know what you are thinking...seriously?  yes, the Turkey Trot 10 in St. Paul.  I committed to my neighbor that I would.  She was so great throughout the race.  Stuck be me and was so encouraging!  I would have never run almost all of the race if it wasn't for her!  It was by far the farthest I have EVER run.  But it felt SO great!  I don' think I will ever run any further than that.  But it was so fun.

Here are the final weeks of our year of weekly photos!


Loving on Papa on his birthday. 

A little DIY Girls's night out at the Home Depot with Do it Herself Workshop with some fun friends. 

Cookie baking with Auntie Jenny, Carter and Ryleigh.  Evie was a good taste tester. 

Very Carefully inspecting her food. 

Mama was crafting...
 After the 10k! It was SO cold!

 So tired on the way home from Thanksgiving Dinner!

Snuggles with Papa

 Black Friday Shopping

So tired!

Our Elf Holly came back this year with a note for Evie.  She loved finding her each day.  She just giggled each time and pointed to her!

 Fruity Cheerios!

Last bag of frozen breastmilk!

Sea Life Aquarium!

 Rainforest Cafe
 One of her favorite gifts from the Witt's!  Her stroller :)

 One Year Photos! 
the girl HATES cake, like melt down during pics hate, so fruit loops it is!

Loving on her bear 

 My FAVORITE pic from her birthday party!!

Hope all is well with you and your family!

Christmas and 13 month update to come!


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